Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New data about Samsung iphone processor

The Samsung processors site has just changed. Now there is two interesting documents:

- The mobile solution brochure, with a bit more data than before about S3C6400.

- The SoC part number decoder, interesting information about Samsung processors part numbers.

Another interesting link shows the photograph of the S3C6400, that shows the marking on it:

Click to see it better. The marking is S5I3000X01. Following the part number decoder document:
S System LSI
5 Large clasification: MOS
I Small clasification: Digital core
3000 Serial number
X First version
01 Mask number

Following this clasification, the numbering in the iphone die is:
S System LSI
5 Large clasification: MOS
L Small clasification: optical?
8900 Serial number
B Version B
01 Mask number

Also, you could see in the photograph the two rows of balls, up and around the chip, where the PoP (package on package) memory to make a multichip package is soldered (see main post).

I think that, following the Samsung rules (the MCP for S3C2440 with more features is SC32442), the real part number of the processor if it ends as general purpose product could be something like: SC36402 (the MCP version of the S3C6402, which is the S3C6400 with little changes, like the PowerVR MBX 3D processor).

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