Friday, September 14, 2007

Teardown iPod Nano 3G

Just some days after the official presentation of the iPod Nano 3G, we have the first inside photos, courtesy of iFixit.

The design has less chips than previous versions of iPod Nano. The main processor is a Samsung S5L8702 (the iPod Nano 2G uses a S5L8701), probably with an ARM9 core.

The RAM comes from Qimonda (the spin-off from Infineon (the spin-off from Siemens) ). It is a 256Mbit (32MByte) Mobile 1.8V DDRAM, code HYE18M169CX75. Here is the datasheet.

There is also an audio codec, Apple branded, and a power manager chip also mark with an Apple code. There is no wheel controller; I suppose it is integrated in the power management chip.

On the other side of the board we can find the 8GByte NAND-Flash part, from Samsung: K9HCG08U5M, the same than in the iPhone. It is a multidie part (4 dies).

There is no NOR boot flash. I suppose that the processor is able to boot directly from Nand Flash.

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