Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Zune 2 teardown

We have got images of the new Zune 2 80GB player from Microsoft, courtesy of Rapid Repair.
We see a better designed product, not just a reference design transcription like Zune 1. The processor is now an i.MX32 instead of the i.MX31. There is very little information of this processor in the Freescale Web, only a block diagram. It seems to be very similar to the i.MX31, but with SRAM memory inside the chip and a better hardware multimedia player. As the i.MX31, it is an ARM1136JF 532MHz with floating point processor.
You can see the main board in this photograph:

- U1 is the dynamic RAM memory, in this case a Mobile DDR 512Mbit (64MByte) 32bit bus, from Hynix (old Hyundai). You can find the datasheet here.

- U2 is a Hi-speed USB Transceiver from SMSC, the USB3316B-CP. You can find the datasheet here.

- U3 is a DC/DC boost converter 1.8A 3.3V from Texas Instruments, exactly the TPS63001DRC. You can find the datasheet here.

- U4 is a 250mA Low dropout regulator from Texas Instruments, exactly the TPS73201. You can find the datasheet here.

- U5 is the i.MX32 ARM1136JF 532MHz processor. You can find the block diagram here.
- U6 is a power manager with audio codec from Wolfson, the WM8350. You can find a data brief here.
- U7 is a Flash memory from ST. There is no more information about it.

These are the only identified integrated circuits till now. If we get better images we can identify more circuits.
See you.