Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Nintendo DSi teardown

We have seen the first teardown photos of the brand new Nintendo DSi games console, courtesy of Bunnie.

In the mainboard, we can see the following circuits:
uPD 46128512AF1 Its a Mobile RAM of 128Mbit, 16 bit, as we can see in the NEC web:
46 Mobile RAM
128 128Mbit
512 16 bit
A Revision A
F1 Plastic BGA (Wire bonding)
There is even a datasheet of the 64Mbit part.
Its a DDR RAM but with a SRAM interface. This simplifies the ARM CPU, that doesn't need a dynamic RAM controller.

The NAND chip also includes the controller. It is a SAMSUNG MOVI NAND circuit, that presents a MMC interface to the host, also simplifing the ARM CPU. The capacity is 256Mbytes and the bus width 8 bits.
Doing part number decoding we have:
P 256 Mbytes 8bits bus
F S3C49VCX02

In the bottom left corner we have a chip without chipmaker identification. It is marked as: PAIC3000D. The name is similar to the TI codecs: AIC3, and it is near the earphone connector. I suposse that it is the sound codec chip.

In the right corner the chip from Mitsumi (MM3317A) seems to be the power supply + charger circuit. There is no clues in the Mitsumi web page.